Pineapple tarts, the lazy way

This was how I made my pineapple tarts before CNY;  the lazy way.  1st trial, not bad…but I wasn’t too pleased because I didn’t make the pineapple jam myself.  I’d like them better if the pineapple jam were a lil more sour.

Brandied sarawak pineapple tarts, mum's way.

Deprived from baking for more than a week, I decided to devote 3/4 of my Sunday confined in the kitchen, the one place where my sun never sets!

Ladies and gentlemen, these pineapple tarts were shaped based on my teenage memory, and I think I did okay! Most importantly, mum approved the aesthetics :) Mum used to make pineapple tarts this way–wrapped and shaped into leaves.  Cute, no?  I don’t see them made in this manner at the stores, either that or I am blind, or oblivious, or both.

I didn’t realise how much I miss these leaf-shaped tarts until they came out from the oven.  I miss my mum’s bakes, even though I didn’t use to pay attention to how they were done in the past.  I have selective memory issues, but when I do remember, I’m pretty awesome at it.   Mum doesn’t bake anymore, but I guess it’s okay.  We’ll simply switch roles.  I’ll bake,  she’ll eat.

A warning though, if you wanna try making your own wrapped versions. The pineapple filling remains hot even if the pastry skin feels like they are cool enough.

Otherwise, go ahead and pop an entire tart into your mouth 5 mins after they’re out of the oven, I promise you’ll be rendered speechless.  Literally.  How do I know? Because I am so smart, and because I’ll be nursing my swollen tongue for the next 2 days.  Patience is not my virtue when it comes to taste-testing.   Live in burning pain, and learn.  Or maybe not.

I’ll try to make my own pineapple jam next year, if I feel hardworking enough.  Bringing these to AF on French Tuesday.  Hope my classmates dig ’em.