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A Valentine's Day Surprise

Nope, not from a guy.  Sorry to disappoint friends who can’t wait to marry me off.  This is from 2 very special ladies–Hazel & Mi.

In many ways, in life, we gain some and lose some.   I’d never expected to gain a mother after I lost a lil sister.  Maybe it’s kismet, Haze’s mum and I seek comfort in each other; we’d always talk about Haze like she’s never left.  I’d play sister and she’d play mother.  And we both know to what extent we miss that silly girl.

I’ve always been a giver– an ‘initiated giver’, so to speak.  I love giving and gifting, and seeing the recipients’ smiles and happiness emanating from them makes me happy, too.  And I guess, that makes me a ‘consequential taker’.

Then again, I think it’s common to hear people claiming that they’d willingly give and be happy to not have anything in return.

This claim, my friends, it’s  labeled as the noblest form of unconditional love, and also the greatest hypocritical bullshit I have ever heard.

Trust me, everyone wants something in return.  It’s just a matter of what they want.  I’d willingly give away my bakes for free, but I do want see people enjoy eating my food.  I relish moments when my friends are pleasantly surprised by my gifts.

I know it’s Valentine’s Day and we’re supposed to be romantic  blah la la.  I’m not supposed to say ‘bullshit’ because it is unladylike and so not-romantic.   FYI, I am a romantic at heart, but the above is simply too much of a bullshit for me to accept.

I will stop my cynicism here.  Happy Valentine’s day ♥

Well this Valentine’s Day, I’m being made to take a backseat and be at the receiving end :)))  Like mother, like daughter, you put in much thoughts when choosing gifts for people.  Thank you, Haze & Mi, for gifting me some sun today,  I’m really touched and comforted! If this was what you had hoped to take in return,  I hope you can feel it! *BEAMS*