Sanyo Eneloop Portable Charger

Yummyo! Bought a portable charger for my phone, Sam’s recommendation ♥

It’s iPhone/iPad compatible.  Android phone users rejoice!  iPhone users rejoice!  We are one world!  Tempted Liz to get one too ahaha.

Me:  Then you can buy an ipad to go with it!
Liz:  U really think I blonde ah?
Me:  No I don’t.  But no one said we can’t live a blonde’s life!

Well, she’s gonna buy it.  Results!

I can finally wave goodbye to phone-batt rationing.  I start to panic when my batt-life reaches the 30% mark.  It’s like watching your life vanishing right in front of you, and you know exactly how long it’d take for you to die.

Liz: Ya!!!!! And they usually get used up quicker when they reach the 30 mark.

Thanks Murphy!  Now I know you reside in phonebatts, too.  Oh but guess what!  I have my Eneloop *BEAMS SMUGLY*

This purchase is so easy to justify–not that I need to justify my purchases to anyone, but it makes me feel better, you know.  I habitually justify my purchases because Murphy said everything looks useful until you buy it.


So here goes.

  1. It’s rechargeable.  Eco-friendly.  I’ll be saving the earth.
  2. I can reserve my panics for other things.
  3. I won’t be so irritated when annoying people calls me and waste my batt-life.  Although I’ll still be irritated because some people are plain annoying.  But that’s another story for another day.
  4. My friends can use them too when I’m out with them.  Have no fear, Jess is here!
  5. It’s white.  I love white.  Thank god it only comes in white.  Otherwise, a colour a day…


Now, if only Sanyo could come up with an Eneloop for human beings.  I’ll Eneloop myself on the go, too.