Kitchen Bibles that I’ve yet to put into action

Lugged them home at last.   Good lord, all those years of shopping is really no joke.  I’ll admit, it’s a rather funny scenario in a not-quite-funny way, if you  know what I mean.

You know when people fall in love, they usually say they’d accept the entire package that their other halves came in, right?  Well for my case, my mum gave birth to me but didn’t expect the package that I’d come home with. HAHA.  She was (and still is) shell-shocked.  Well, I’m shocked that she’s shocked.  What, did she expect anything less from me?  LOL.

Oh, nevermind! I will get there.  Little by little, more to go.  I have approximately 4.5 years more of shopping + a bread machine to bring home.

Actually I think it might be faster to engage a mover for help -_-“

But it would be much wiser to spend that kinda money on a new bag or something, no?

Before I lug back more books (yes there are more!!!), I’ll need a new bookshelf, I think.

~I’m just a girl, merely trying to squeeze a bungalow of loots into a 3-room flat.