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I’m back! 3 days gone in a flash, but surely the quality time makes up for it.  While I was absentmindedly following Char around in the maze of MTR, I was mentally counting the number of years we know each other.  I thought, give and take about 4, max?  Mmm no…we knew each other in 2006…6, 7, 8, 9, 10…

>:O !!!!!

2011 is the 6th year!! Same for the rest of the girlies because we knew one another around the same time!  So much have changed.  Well I’m not someone who’d specially pay much attention to these things, but sometimes they do come to my mind at random.  It’s not something I could help; random things come to my mind all the time, that’s why my conversations rarely make sense.  I could mention food one moment and veer abruptly to talk about mobile phones or ingrown nails.  Something like that. Despite my relatively calm exterior (or so I think), I’m really quite capricious on the inside :p

So Char got busy and tired, hauling me around from one place to another, because she wanted to squeeze all the best things (primarily, food!!! ) within such a short time frame.  Just for me.  I can’t appreciate enough, because she could have done nothing and I could have lounged at her place all day long (not that I’d mind, really), but she went through the effort to plan the itinerary and made my much-needed break a colourful & memorable one.  She even bought me a box of Chocs from La Maison Du Chocolat as a welcome gift!!

Of course, how could we miss our bitching sessions, this time, face to face over champagne and chocolates, until 4am+.  I’d gladly lose sleep over girls’ talk, hee!

I really don’t care about Geography.  It’s really an insignificant detail even if it can be annoying at times; heck, sometimes we even have to deal with time differences.  Thank god for technology that it’s harder now to put distance between friends if we truly bother to keep in touch.  Moreover, what could be more fun than doing personal shopping and CP-ing for your buddy overseas? LOL!

So here they are, 1st holiday in 2011 :)

Taste Memories

Sight Memories

Shopping Memories

And the most treasured of all, Us-Memories