28 degrees C, feels like 32.  8.20pm, feels like 11.30.  This evening I find myself torn between many things.

One, I NEED to bake.  I find myself missing the kitchen especially so whenever I have a busy day at the office.  I’d start hallucinating imagining the things I might possibly whip up.  Yup, I’d think about the process and how I should go about creating the end product in my mind.  Most of the time I will my bakes to happen lol.  On bad days they happen in the wrong directions.  But that’s another story for another day.  Seems like counterintuitive to bake when I’m already so tired, no?

Then, I was torn between raisin scones and raisin oatmeal cookies.  I even bought the raisins, and dried blueberries, because, well, I had imagined that raisins + blueberries would go well together.

Torn again, because I brought work home.

And still torn, because I need to do my french homework.

神啊,请给我多一点时间!<–sounds familiar?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

It was 9.00pm when I finally reached home.  Oh, screw it all! I’ll reply some emails and then not do anything at all.  Gone are the days when I needed to bake like I’m out for revenge or something;  I no longer need to tire out myself excessively so that I could sleep for that precious 3-4 hours.  If I made scones, I’d need to make clotted cream to go along, and then I’d need to make earl grey jelly, too.  Both I’d never made before, and that sounds like high failure rate.  I think I’d leave such challenges for Sundays.

This is my 6th French semester–in 7 weeks I’ll have my exam (AGAIN) and that marks 1 year of French Tuesdays.  I think I’ll just continue and endure for as long as I can, erm, endure lol.  Truth is, stressful as it is, I look forward to classes;  it’s healthier for me to take time away from work.

I rest early tonight and be kind to myself.

Short term plan:

Cookies.  Tomorrow night.

Homework.  Friday night.

Long term plan:

Become a domestic goddess.

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl, mostly.  Maybe you’ve got my wishing card mixed up with someone else’s.  Someone might have written, “I want to be a kickass career woman.  I want to spend most of my waking hours spitting fire into the phone, and possess the ability to be everywhere at once”.  Erm…that person is not me.  So…I hope it cleared things up a lil’ bit! :)

So please Santa, I know it’s kinda early, but since I’m a fabulous planner, we know we have about <10 months to get prepared.  I’ll be good, you’ll check your eyes.

Je suis très fatiguée.  Wonder if I can even last that long.