Wave your hands and smile if you love lotus roots!  While I was going through the Pandora Box of Chills (read: the refrigerator.  It’d be a nice change to one day open the fridge without needing to prep myself for vegetable-avalanches), I saw some lotus roots that my mum bought since-don’t-know-when.

I decided to clear half of those roots before they are forgotten and also because she went out earlier in the morn announcing rather loudly that she’s going to ‘buy some fishes’.  Next post, you will see her definition of ‘some’.

I love lotus roots in whichever way they are prepared–as sweet dessert 糖水, deep fried tempura style, in soups,  stir-fried, or even in congee.  I’d affectionately named it ‘Hello’ when I was a little kid because when sliced, it resembled the dial of an old fashioned telephone.

“Mee!  I want the Hello Soup!!” I’d request to my mum.

Today, I went with stir-fried since I have celery on hand.  Really simple and can be served as a warm or cold dish.  I don’t mind either but for this ridiculously warm weather, I’ll go with cold.  Refreshing :)

I didn’t want to complicate this dish and went with very basic seasoning.  Some salt, pepper and dark sesame oil, garnish with sesame seeds and we’re good to go!