So I said I’d do a post on my mother’s loots from the market.  Some fishes, huh. We’ll see.

Mum prepping garoupa and salmon.


Then she realised I was snapping pics of her prepping the fishes.  And did this:


Don’t ask.


You see my problem?  Doubt you not where I’d inherited my neurosis from.  I think it’s quite apparent even though I don’t look like any of my family members.



Seems like asians are the ones who appreciate fish heads; westerners tend to shun them.  Do they look that scary?  Or maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to.  Oh fish head curry!!  The ones at Geylang Golden Bay used to be So. Damned. Good.  Not the best anymore, after they changed their kitchen chef–or so I suspect.

That’s not all, by the way.

Silver pomfrets


Do note that there are only 4 of us in the house.  I wasn’t kidding about the Pandora Box of Chills.  ‘Stocking up for war’ is no longer an appropriate description, I reckon.  At this moment ‘stocking up for world destruction’ should be more accurate.  I’m pretty confident we’d be the last household standing if that day ever comes.  Please take a queue number,  fill up a form and apply at the nearest counter if you’d like to seek shelter with us when the day arrives.  I think the food supply allows us to take in about 200 pax and sustain us quite comfortably for the next 30 years.

Yum btw, I love pomfrets!!  It’s a Teochew thing, I think.  Actually, I’d pretty much eat any fish you throw my way.  I heart fish and seafood.  God forbid I develop any sort of allergies to them.

Oh, the pomfrets look kinda strange here because my mum has a habit of trimming away the fins.  She finds them irritating, heh.

Flower clams.


Of course, she thought it was a good idea to get some flower clams, too.


Steamed flower clams with white wine.


And we had them for lunch :)

Dear Mum, I know how you (and I) can go overboard with shopping, and we drive each other half-insane every other day.  But thank you, Mum.  I know it’s  just love, expressed differently.