Compiling some of my past Bakes & Makes that I think are more erm…photo-worthy.  There’re loads more stuff I’d whipped up, mainly found on FB, before I started this blog. Food is always pleasing to my eyes lol!   That said, my 1st photo was horrendous, but I will leave it there as long as FB allows.  Would it be too crazy to say that I found peace in cooking & baking?  Geez, maybe I should make it my religion!


Everytime we go through a rough patch, we emerge stronger, happier, look back and wonder what all the fuss was about in the 1st place.  It’s true, and do I know it well.  I used to lament to myself that people are always talking about ‘moving on’.  What do they know about moving on?  You read it in books and theories and hear it in the movies, but I am living it.  How come they keep saying it but nobody teaches you how to do it?


I find the healing process a little like bread-making.  You can’t rush it; you gotta work it, you can bash it around and make a mess if you need to.  But towards the end of it, you really need to give it a rest and let time do its magic–let it proof.  Sometimes you need to proof it twice.  Or thrice, and let the flavour develop.  That’s why I love making bread by hand–feeling everything coming together gratifies me.

It also depends on what kinda bread you are.  I might be a brioche, I think.  High failure rate and hard to handle.  But so flavourful and  full of buttery goodness ahaha.  Can you handle a brioche?  I’d like to see you try.



In a way, I’m ‘thankful’ for these food that I whipped up.  Because truth be told, I’d always thought my kitchen to be ‘too cramped and unworkable’, and never knew to appreciate it.  As fate would have it, it was in this very kitchen that I explored new recipes and possibilities.  Of course, I tried some and failed some, liked some and didn’t like some.  Still, I’m pretty proud of myself for coming this far.  It was once in a long ago I hoped so hard to be able to see that I gained more than I lost, but try as I might, I couldn’t.



How blinded.  In sooth, not everyone could be as fortunate as I.  Yes, I say fortunate, because despite everything, I have friends looking out for me, waiting, giving me the peace and time I needed to find my way back.  And when I did come back, I could almost hear them heave bloody loud sighs of relief lol.   I don’t have that many friends, but then they are all quality assured.

Ahhh…Good times, bad times, I’ll take it one at a time, more good than bad to come :)