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Sometimes I get nice compliments from my friends, and sometimes I get questions from them, such as, “Jess, how do you always bake so well especially with a microwave oven??”




Here’s the thing:








I don’t always.


My poor macadamias *weeps in despair*

Sigh.  Welcome to my world.  Thanks Murphy, you had to kill my expensive macadamias.  Why why why why why.


What did I do then?

Start over, of course.  There were only a few that I managed to save, which I threw into the cookie dough anyway.  The burnt ones…discarded without mercy >:(


And I struggled.  Now that I know not everyone love raisins, there might be a high possibility of raisin-haters dwelling in my class.  I was acting like some crazy person taking the pack of raisins in and out of the fridge.  Educate their tastes or not?


Maybe not today, shall use butterscotch chips.


Of course, I wouldn’t pass up the chance to use some chocolate.


I have this strange habit of adding chocolate AND chocolate chips for texture.   But it’s just my personal preference.


At the very last minute, I decided to sneak in some dashes of ground cinnamon for good luck.  Seriously needed some.


And after that, everything went pretty well from there :)



So it’s not just pretty pictures and successful bakes;  I have my share of heartaches and hair-tearing moments too.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, you never know what you might get.  And I still think oatmeal cookies are best with raisins.


On another note, I had the most friggin’ painful blood test today.  I don’t wince at needles and I have unbelieveably high tolerance for pain.  But I think the doctor who took my blood just wanted to make sure of that fact.  He was just short of piercing my vein from one end to another, I think.  $%$@#$$!  Results will be out on Thursday or Friday.  I hope it’s nothing serious.  Keeping my fingers crossed.