Char said in order to be a domestic goddess, one must know how to cook and sew.  No problem for cooking.  However, apart from some basics, I’m pretty much useless in the sewing department.

Last week I brought my Laken water bottle to work.  On hindsight, I wonder why I bought this bottle in the 1st place.

It’s…sporty.  And really not my style.  I’m sure I didn’t buy this to match my non-sporty attire, or to do sports with, or for anything s.p.o.r.t.s related.  Maybe it was because of the high tech coating that prevents taste transfer.  Maybe because it was on sale.  But don’t judge me now, okay?

Well I do like it for the non-taste-transfer technology, but this stupid thing’s made of aluminium.  My hands are already cold enough on their own.  It’s too cold for me when I fill it up with juice, and too hot to hold when I fill it up with coffee.


So much for technology.

So I dug out some leftover fleece from my fty, printed a logo (had to at least find one with stars, even if sporty), and added some  peacock swarovski crystals.   Cut and sewn by hand!

Now my handmade bottle sleeve helps to keep my hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, and my poor hands need no additional suffering. 1 Goddess point for Jess!