During my meeting today, I conjured an image of a flawless strawberry entremet.  In my mind, I’d cut out the strawberries into heart shapes with my cookie cutter and formed them in an elegant ring of hearts.

Then I jolted from my reverie and remembered that I don’t have fridge space.

All is not lost.  I still have my cookie cutter.  Gotta utilise it somehow.  Flipped to my latest cooking bible from Dorie Greenspan and made some peanut butter cookies instead.  The original version asked for the cookies to be decorated with a fork in a criss cross hatch.  I thought it’d be prettier to dip the cutter into cocoa powder and ‘ink’ the cookies instead.  OOooooOooh I am so smart.  Tattoo for my cookies, cool :)

Couldn’t wait to see if they would be still pretty when they come out of the oven.  

Finally babies, out you come from the oven.  Mmmm I like, this one speaks to me.  Sweet, salty, nutty.  These are slightly crispy cookies, now my kitchen is filled with smells of peanut butter and yumminess!