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Ok, seriously no more baking after this.  At 7pm this evening, there was only 1.5 slice of French Apple Cake left.  Quite an achievement!

I like “wrapped food”.  I don’t know why, they just taste better.  Dumplings, ravioli, tortilla wraps, spring rolls, curry puffs.  Oh geez, I’m hungry now.

And yes, beef wellingtons.

So how about a cake wellington, too?  It would be perfect, since the apple cake is so moist.  No chance of it drying out.  This didn’t take long because I already have shortcrust pastry stashed in the freezer.

1 slice of cake, wrapped, baked, glaced, done in 45 mins.

Technically, I should be using puff pastry, but I didn’t have any.  Maybe I should start stashing puff pastry in my freezer too.  And then we can go on to make anything-wellington.

Shall let the pictures do the talking now.