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The cake of forbidden fruit.

Almost sinful.  Almost, because if you look at the proportion of fruit to batter, you could even pass it off as a health food. Ok ok, there’s butter. And sugar. Fine. It’s more apt if I were to coin it Sin in Stealth.

I almost didn’t make this.  Almost, again.  Because I’m not really a fan of cooked apples; they just don’t appeal to me.   I don’t hate them, but, just not my thing.

But if I were to explore new possibilities and options, I should keep an open mind, no?  I will attempt petite steps of courage!  Even I shouldn’t be assuming what I would or wouldn’t like.  Oh yes, we’re so susceptible to changes.  Or maybe it’s just me.  One day my friends might go, “Hey Markus, meet my friend, Jess.  She doesn’t like to eat spinach–I’d just confirmed it 2 hours ago.  Now I’m not so sure”.

Hmm.  I might prove to be a daily challenge.

Back to apple cake.  This recipe is taken from Dorie Greenspan’s recipe book, easily available online.  But as usual, I tweaked the recipe.   It wasn’t intentional, I’d wanted to keep to the recipe as much as possible–cross my heart and hope to die!

Well, I ran out of castor sugar. In place of 150g castor sugar, I’d used 90g castor sugar + 40g brown sugar.

Recipe asked for a variety of apples, I used 2 large red (they were huge!) and 3 small granny smiths.  Turned out to be too much, took out a portion and had them blended for my morning juice.

On a side note:  I love peeling apples.  The sound of it is…refreshing.  And therapeutic.  Does anyone have tons of apples for me to peel?  I might do it for free.

I couldn’t find dark rum at home (time to plan for next holiday!).  Closest substitute was Malibu, which I used, erm, 5 tbsps instead of 3.  But that’s because I know how alcohol burns off in the baking process.  You need the extra 2 tbsp to compensate.  Or so I say.

My lord.  The smell of apples and cake batter and coconut rum filling up my kitchen.  Sigh.

What’s a little sin?  What’s with the forbidden fruit?  I feel Aliiiiiiiive~~~ at 11.30pm, mind you.  That wasn’t supposed to happen.  No wonder Adam couldn’t resist.  I won’t blame him.

The scent combo is gratifying.  I had purposely walked into my room, took deep breaths and walked back out to the kitchen to re-smell and re-gratify myself.  Oh it’s crazy, but that’s what I did ♥

Ah, cake of hearts.  My style, most definitely :)  The cake is ‘lighter’ than I’d expected, which I like.  Moist, almost creamy, full of apple-y goodness and flavour.  I really kinda feel healthy eating this.  LOL.  This recipe’s a keeper, I’d make this again, pretty soon, I think!