I know I can make my own, and I’d actually planned to do that.  But sometimes when your plans are bigger than your clocks & calendars, it’s good to just buy some and you’ll know the benchmark.


Who am I trying to kid.

Sigh, I’ll own up, I’m just a frivolous sucker for packaging.  Of course it has to taste good–taste precedes packaging, even if packaging plays an important role.   Kinda like people, no?  If there’s nothing commendable on the inside, the rest is just bullshit, however good-looking you might be.

On an irrelevant note, the tins kinda remind me of the old school Yardley talcum powder–loved those when I was a kid.


Notice that I get to learn french at the same time, too.


If the day comes when I stop finding excuses to justify my spendings, I will reward myself with a brand new oven and a sous vide machine.



I bought 2 flavours–Basil, and Garlic & Thyme.  2 of each flavour, because I’m gonna gift one to G & Sim and one to E & Alice.   They’re gonna be thrilled! They’re really flavourful (the oil, not my friends), and I’ve got to find time to make some bread to dip the olive oil with!  Or else I might just drink them up and say cheers to my good health.

Hmm.  I should make a baguette.  A baguette baked in a microwave oven HAHAHA.  Oh my, this is too funny.  All the famous dead french bakers are prolly gonna turn in their graves.