My head is at least 200g lighter after the Sunday’s haircut.  No major changes, just a trim & layer.  My long-time stylist casually commented that he hadn’t seen ‘my boyfriend’ for a very long time.


Me: 分了。
Him: 啊?
Me: 嗯,不过也分很久了。


He laughed a little, and said the way I put it made it sound ‘very medical’.  Like some kinda operation.

I laughed too.  Well I could put it euphemistically,  but there’s no point in there, isn’t it?   Besides, it is what it is.  I don’t make a good liar anyway.  And moving on is liberating.


“As long as you’re happy (开心), that’s the most important”.   He said.

“Mmmm no, not happy.  Happiness (快乐).  More important”.  I corrected.

And we agreed.


The difference seems subtle, as it is derived from the same root word.  But it changes everything and the entire state of mind.


Be on my own and still have happiness?  C’est possible.


And here’s me.  STILL bloated and retaining water.  Anaemic + weak kidneys.  $^#$#@! Dislike.  I’m turning 30 soon but trying to not look it.  Ah…I have perfect eyesight, but judge me not by the useless and shallow accessories I buy. *Beams*