Sat’s gone before I know it.  Will not be baking this weekend as I really need to rest my kidneys.  And liver.  Or blood.  And whatever the hell they wanna add into my list now.  Gotta rest myself and get this &$%#$#@$%# condition out of the way before I resume my attempt to fatten the world.

Will jet off (or more accurately, ferry off) to Batam next week, and then to Bintan from Batam.  And then come back–all in a day’s work.

Did I mention rest?

Sometimes I sit down and wonder (almost out loud), where the hell did all my time go?  I’m like, so out of time.

It’s bordering on idiotic, but when I’m not cooking or baking in the kitchen, I’m shopping online.  For ingredients.

I act weird at times.  Sometimes I open the fridge to sniff at my vanilla paste or homemade vanilla extract for an instant high.  But don’t criticise now, okay?  It’s way healthier than glue.  Just sayin’.

Most people know me to be a chocoholic, but many don’t know I have an obsession with vanilla, too.

Actually I’m pretty much obsessed with anything I love.

And when I’m obsessed, I tend to go overboard.  I’m nothing in between, most of the time anyway.

Vanilla beanies.  Good lord.  I bought US$40 + US$30 of you.  Please make it home safely; I’ll need you for a particular happy food.

*Sighs in contentment*