In my previous post, I’d actually put up a picture of what I was supposed to accomplish in the morn.  Now, take a moment to spot a lil detail.  Being a good natured girl as I am, I’ve already made things easy for you.  Here it is!


Basically I called this asshole to hand carry back some films URGENTLY for editing.  I specifically repeated myself 3 times + 1 more time before I put down the phone to make sure he got my instructions.  I needed to bring back 2 sets of artwork.  Six pcs of films in all.

Guess what.

He only brought back 1 set.  3 films.  And told my boss aka my dad I only said to bring back 1 set.

I honestly wanted to punch his teeth so far in that he’d really have to eat with his ass, but I was simply too far gone to argue, with what my health going downhill and the amount of work that requires me to be everywhere at once.  I flipped my hand (Almost flipped him the finger, there) and threw out an impatient: “WHATEVER!!!!”  before I proceeded to fire-fight, again.

When will they ever learn.  I guess it’s never.