Rather than causing dead french bakers to violently turn in their graves, I’d prolly made them laugh off their skulls now.  Well it IS still bread, but not quite the baguette that I was hoping for.  I don’t think there’s a problem with the recipe, more so with my technique.


In my possession, I have not a baker’s lame.  Knowing my innate talent to spill blood even with the dullest material possible, I’m not about to customise a blade and end up slicing off my own fingers in the process.  I used my sharpest knife possible, but still didn’t end up with good looking ‘ears’.  And I prolly handled the dough too much or didn’t proof it long enough, didn’t get the hole-y baguette I wanted.

Oh, hell!  I’ll live.  And I will attempt La-Damned-Baguette again.

All is not lost, though, because the amount of dough is so massive even after I halfed the recipe (some are still in the freezer!!), I made some breadsticks with the same dough.  Woooo! Perfect with my newly acquired herb-infused olive oil!


With the recipe in this bible, I was supposed to make the poolish 1 day ahead, which I did.  Thank the french bread god watching above and taking pity on me that evening for I FOUND FRIDGE SPACE.



For a bowl of this size to fit into the bursting fridge, I affirm it must have been a miracle sent.  Happy!

That aside,  I know I’ve been called many things, ‘patient’ is never one of it.  I lost count of how many times I scorched my tongue and fingers tasting food when they come right off the stove or oven.

So I do wonder where I get my patience from–food prep 2-3 days in advance?  No problem.  Chill dough in the fridge for 45mins?  Sure thing (ok sometimes I cheat and used the freezer).  Chill cakes overnight?  Why not.  And, I LOVE making bread.


I hate to wait–having spent most of my time waiting for people and for people to make up their minds about anything, you can say I’m done with waiting when it comes to people who aren’t worth the while.  But breads…breads are so worth it, no matter the outcome.

Never said I’m sane.

It takes a while for the poolish to reach room temperature, takes a while more to mix the dough, takes awhile to knead, takes a-3-hours-while for proofing & resting.  Sure, I’ll do it!


While waiting,  I’ll take some time out to admire my new PJs.  Cuteness.



Mmmm the things worth waiting for.


I guess it’s not so bad, like I said, it is still bread–soft,  with a nice crusty layer.  I have olive oil and mustard.  Hell, I can even make some garlic bread out of it to go with soup.  There’s no such thing as failed bread, I think?  Because if all else fails, we’ll always have croutons for salvation.


Back to the drawing board for now, next baguette, just you wait.