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DBT cookies, my concocted recipe.  I honestly didn’t think they were good enough because I wasn’t blown away upon taste-test. I brought them to class anyway, albeit reluctantly–it is never my style to gift my friends anything I thought mediocre.  But I needed opinions and diffidently packed a small portion, just enough for tasting purpose.


It turned out to be a hit, all wiped clean and my classmate K even asked for the recipe so she could bake them for her family!  *hugs myself*

I didn’t have a name for the cookies and flippantly told my classmates they’re Diabetic Cookies–not because they were too sweet to cause diabetes!  On the contrary, I thought they weren’t sweet enough and were suitable even for the diabetics.  DiaBeTic Cookies, the name shall stay because my creativity is shot I’m warming up to the name in an affectionate way.

I worked on a colourific theme–Green from zest of green lemon, orange from dried apricots and red from cranberries.  For tart cookies as they were, I kicked it up just a little with orange vodka and rounded off the flavour with vanilla.

Playing on colours, flavours and textures, diabetic or not, they do look uplifting!