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*Beaming with joy* Stars aligned and there is a God of Pastries looking out for me.  Oooh don’t you love pretty food ♥  Spy those lovely specks of vanilla beans resting so comfortably in the pastry cream,  will you.

This will take some planning, but I’ve already got everything mapped out in my head–during one of those waitings/meetings, of course.

Short of growing my own strawberries and laying my own eggs (not that I could!), I made everything from scratch.   Even the sweet dough, no cheating.  La Pâte Sucrée de Pierre Hermé. Ahhh, Pierre..!!! How you tempt me so.

Foolproof recipe, I tell ya.  My only ‘problem’: I don’t have baking beans.

I am a poor girl.

Am I gonna spend bucks on some single-function-weights for baking?  Am I really such a sucker?!


One day, when I feel rich.  But not today, ok?

The poor, my darlings, we innovate.

Today is a good day to thank myself for having the foresight to buy some spring for the kitchen.  The ramekin turned out to be a purrrrfect fit for the tart case.  W00t!

I melted some Valrhona Caraibe 66% chocolate and brushed a delicious layer on the tart shell because L’Oreal said I’m worth it.  The best thing about using melted chocolate? You get to lick off all the excess from the brush and the bowl, heh.

Pastry cream recipe from Okashi by Keiko Ishida.   Dress up your tarts *snigger* and have some tea.



Fruit tarts, as I have found out, are my mum’s & sister’s kryptonite.  My sister quite enthusiastically asked if she could have some.  *beams*  

Technique-wise, they’re a cinch to make, really, if a little time consuming.  You need to have everything ready (mise en place!), quite a bit of prepping, mostly involving chilling the pastry & pastry cream.

Notice I didn’t mention the amount of washing up involved.  Today we shall pretend utensils self-clean by magic, ok?

Just remember your handcream.

Red on the plate, colour you pretty.
Snow on my sweets, colour me happy.