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Clearing  bulky fruits from the fridge proved to be more difficult than I thought.  Because my mum just bought another 10 red apples, on top of the 4 granny smiths that are still in there, chilling out.  I’ve not mentioned the oranges and plums.  And pears.


Please send help.


So it’s French Apple Cake again, revisited with a twist.  This time I paired apples with strawberries (baked in), and topped the cake with more fresh strawberries.

It seemed to go against the grain to bake strawberries as they’re not exactly the cheapest of fruits; at least in Singapore, they aren’t.  At home, we consume them fresh and so my food memories of strawberries are always associated with ‘cold & refreshing’.  It has always been the way I like them.


But now I think I’m hooked on the baked version as well.  Out from the oven, they’re sweet-smelling, warm and comforting, like something good is waiting to happen.  I know apples & cinnamon combo does that, but I never knew strawberries could do that sort of thing, too.

It’s just a small detail.  Even then, simple rewards are fulfilling.  Makes me smile :)