…many things.  Because it will take THAT many to satisfy ALL of my whims and fancies.  Which is not something you can really quantify, in my case.  One of these many things…





Alright, so I euphemised.  Hoarding.  Persistently and impenitently (and perhaps professionally)  hoarding in bulk is something I cannot help.  If some is good, more is better.  And I can blame my mother’s genes for that.


Happiness of the day:

My lord.  I am beside myself with joy.  Sun’s beaming brightly even in the evening.  In my world, that is.  At times like this I wish I had someone here who shares my passion and then we can squeal: OMGGGGG!!!!!! IT IS HERE!!!  SEE!!!!  SMELL!!!  SMELL!!!!!!

I’ll admit, a substantial part of the excitement comes from seeing your loot in the mail.   But then you already know that.


Frivolities are little fleeting bursts of delights that many people elide with disdain.  But I say, Breathe in the scent, Embrace what you have, and then Proceed :)

Vanilla beans are not exactly cheap…I’ll take it that I’m paying for a lesson on baking/cooking ingredients.  I gather if I can tell the difference between Callebaut & Valrhona, and the difference in some of Valrhona’s variety that I buy…I might be able to tell the difference between some of these vanilla varieties, too.  We’ll see.

Right now the combined scent emanating from the vacuumed packages is giving me a high.  Swooning off for awhile! *giggles*