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So after the not-so-great episode of Chocolate Crinkles, I decided to do something to remedy the situation.

Removed icing from crinkles and mashed ’em up.


Dug out satanic cake ring–a huge round pastry cutter, to be accurate.


A little whirring of the egg-beater.


A basin-full of utensils later.


A little bit of waiting.







Layered mousse cake!  Ain’t it pretty?  Colours of spring so lovely and family said yummy!  The Chocolate Crinkles have been reduced to a base, lol.   Not that I beat myself up over failed bakes, but constantly  striving to improve myself proved to be the right thing to do, wheeee! I’m so thrilled. I make things happen and this would not have happened if I simply let things be.


I have to confess here:  I didn’t measure the amount of whipping cream, nor sugar, nor raspberries.  In fact, I measured nothing!  Seems like I’m headed for a ‘recipe’ of disaster, eh?  I didn’t feel like googling and then halfing or one-third-ing those online recipes.  Once again, I left my imagination to paint the picture for me.

I estimated the amount of sheet gelatin, nuked some discs of  Valrhona Ivoire White, pureed the raspberries, squeezed in some lime.

Whip and fold and here we go!  Everything seemed to go pretty well from there, to my delight.

The above is a simplified description of the preparation process, of course, because talking about the number of bowls, spoons and spatulas involved is…


I shan’t go on.



Here goes nothing!


Yup, sometimes you plan and follow a recipe to the last detail and still nothing comes out right.  But I shan’t dwell on that.  Here I have cookie-salvation-mousse cake!!

It”s quite tiny irl; just enough for the 4 of us :)

No four seasons here and it’s summer all year round.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t make myself some spring :)