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As it happens, I don’t (and can’t) sit around and wait for life to hand me lemons; they aren’t free, I gotta go out and buy them.  But if life keeps handing me lemons, literally, I’d be happy as a lark.

I’ve  always loved these little bursts of sunshine–they’re so useful, inside out!  And now that I made lemon tarts adapted from Pierre Hermé

…Let’s just say that  I foresee myself stocking the house with more lemons in time to come.  One thing–it has always been difficult to please my mum’s picky tastebuds.  She usually has lots of criticisms and comments for my food that I get so irritated at times and I’d be like, URGH do you have something nice to say at least?!


But these lemon tarts.  Well  she took a bite and 1st reaction went, “Mmm!  Nice!”

Results!  Other than having renewed hope that there must be a god after all, in my heart I was going YES YES YES YES YES!!! Like finally.


I’d already planned to make these lemon tarts since one week ago (yes, I am crazy like that), because it has been on my list since forever and I have yet to get down to making it.  Coincidentally, I was chatting with R last Sunday and showed him the strawberry tarts that I made  recently.

R: My favourite is lemon tart!!

If it isn’t fate I don’t know what it is.  And my lemony kismet dictates that Tarte aux Citron be made the following week.


So here it is, R. I made your favourite tarts and dedicated one special one, just for you, even if you’re a 7-odd hour flight away.

Ok, I am not a master pastry chef and my 1st attempt at chocolate piping leaves a lot to be desired.  Remember that it is the thought that counts!


Sending sunbeams to you over the internet!  I’ll make you one when you come to SG the next time, and hopefully it is good enough for you to crack me up again with your, “This is f**king good, darling!”  LOL!


Next up.  I’ll soon be posting another dessert(s) for two girlies.