It’s no vacation when I’m at Batam/Bintan, but I can pretend I’m on one (more than one, in fact).

It’s an hr+ ferry ride to Batam Centre, 10mins car ride to client’s office (and in future, my own office, which is thankfully nearby).  From client’s office, It’s 25min car ride to Nongsapura terminal where I will take an hr’s ferry back to Tanah Merah, and cab back to my SG office, and then it’s back to home.

It’s not so bad.  But, if it’s a Sin-Batam-Bintan-Sin day trip, oh boy it can be so tiring.

An hr+ ferry ride to Batam Centre, 10mins car ride to client’s office.  From client’s office, it’s 25min car ride to the terminal, where I will take a 20min speedboat (this is the best part, but it’s not like what you think) to Bintan,  20mins car ride to client’s Bintan office.  From client’s office, it’s 35min car ride to Lagoi, and 1hr ferry ride to Tanah Merah, cab to SG office, and then home.


Do you feel worn out just from reading already?

No worries for you, coz I’m the one living it.  I won’t deny that it takes a physical toll on me.  It’s a good thing that I adapt well–many things are just a matter of getting used to.  Plus, client has been supportive doing transport arrangements for us while our new office is still WIP.   So, can’t complain.


The good thing that I appreciate: no traffic jams.  At least I have yet to experience any.  It’s a different story when you’re dealing with long travelling distance AND traffic jams.   Traffic jams in Jakarta–Do not.  Get me.   Started.

Anyway, let’s face it: travelling for work is really quite different from travelling for leisure.  Because of the time spent travelling, I have to double up and try to get work done within the short time frame when I’m not travelling on the road.

All in all, I guess spotting silver linings in clouds makes for a prettier sky in my world.  Here are a few pics I managed to snap on my phone when I’m not half-dreaming of recipes and taste combinations.

Since I’m gonna pretend, might as well go all the way and use a bag that sings out to the sun and the sand and the sea.  Mind you,  these three elements are present over there, how you put them in perspective is a different thing in entirety.


This photo was taken in the speedboat I was talking about lol.   The ‘ceiling’ is that low, and as cramped as you want to imagine it to be.  Client warned me about how ‘un-speedboat’ the speedboats were, and I was all prepared for some shocker.


Oh, you’re gonna think  I’m crazy.  In all honesty, this is the part I love best.  Wind on my face and in my hair!


Okay, it’s tiny.  Okay, it looks like it might sink or capsize (if it does capsize, my fate would be no different from those lemmings leaping off the cliff).  And okaaaaay, I look like I’m one of those illegal immigrants we always see on TV.

Who the hell cares damnit, I don’t care how it looks or what I look like if this is what I love.  Not even like I have much of a choice in the 1st place.  Would you rather that I paddle to get across?

That was totally a rhetorical question.

Point is, it’s gonna be a weekly affair anyway, I might as well soak it up and embrace the good bits.  Like this view that distracted me from my reverie, I whipped out my phone and snapped away.   At that moment, there was no need to be a pretend-tourist.