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The title reminds me of the typical clichéd expression in mandarin: 在一个雷电交加的夜晚。 LOL!

Oh I am so sparky; I’ve just successfully cheapened my post title.  Self-pwning at my best.


If my memory serves me well, I seem to remember Char telling me that her hub love éclairs.  I think she likes them too because she requested for them when I had success with pâte à choux.  I had wanted to bring her some puff shells during my trip to HK, but work piled up the last min and I only had time to bake her cookies :(

May I also add that my mum love those puff shells.   Love.   With a capital L.   I caught her sneaking up to the cooling tray and gingerly 2nd-helping herself to the not-so-pretty ones.  How considerate :) she left the pretty ones well alone as she knew I would be taking photos.  She much prefers the puff shells on their own, without filling.  Strange, I know, but then you’d get used to strange when you live in my family of odd people, that includes me, of course.


Choux à la Crème (aka cream puffs) and éclairs (they literally translate to ‘lightning’ in French) are essentially the same thing.  The same pastry dough is used in both desserts and the only difference lies in their shapes.  Liz love cream puffs too and she has been requesting for them, along with caramel rolls and whatnots :)  I gather puffs are more popular because of the glorious mess they make when you bite into them–adding more oomph and effect to their deliciousness. Éclairs are neater to eat unless you make gigantic ones; then of course it’d just be a varied degree of messiness.


So anyway…Char & Philip,  here are some lightnings for you.  Not that I hope to strike you down!  Mini chocolate éclairs filled with passionfruit cream.  May your lives be always filled with lightnings of love, romance and passion! ♥


Pardon the messy chocolate coating–I cheated and brushed on melted chocolate instead of dipping the éclairs into chocolate glaze.



And for Liz, I’m half-guessing she might argue that cream puffs and éclairs are different things and won’t taste the same.

This I understand perfectly.  Because I, too, am anal like that.  Sometimes round things just taste better.  But sometimes I like them square.  And sometimes, I just can’t make up my mind.  So who am I to judge?

Cream puffs with passionfruit cream and whole strawberries.  Mini ones as well, so there’s no guilt involved popping in more of these.

Self-denial 101.