French Exam on Tuesday and I studied nothing. I am just too tired and I’ve napped 3 hrs straight and still yet to recover from my health and work fatigue.

I won’t make excuses for myself, though, because I am lazy and I have a tendency to idle my time away when I know I shouldn’t–especially when it comes to exam revisions.  And I believe I will come up blank on Tuesday and only have myself to blame.

There, I said it.

What’s the worst that can happen anyway? I’ll flunk the damned thing and maybe I will spend 300bucks to re-do the semester, if I want to be spiteful.  Not like I even need to pass the exam to go to the next level.

Still, I’m taking leave on Tuesday so I can do a LMR*. I’m nothing if not conflicting, that I already know.  Bear with me, for even I know not why I go through the trouble at times.

*LMR brings back school days memories where this 3-letter word appeared very often on my notes and timetables.  It means Last Minute Revision, of which why I even bothered to suffer the hassle of drawing up a timetable to dictate what time I should eat, study, play & rest, is beyond me. I ended up adhering strictly only to the items labelled “play & rest”, and replaced “study” with “procrastinating & idling”. But then I’m sure you’ve already guessed. Why else would I be posting this?