Blogging from my phone, so no fancy schmancy formating.  The exam was…okay, I think.  Not gonna flunk but hmm I didn’t score where I should have.

*Repeats to self: I deserve every bit of it*

I’m intrepid.  Let’s proceed.

I’m off to Batam for the day!  SJ clowns around whenever he comes by my sg office and would comment that I’m an expatriate or foreign talent.


No thanks to him, these words keep popping up in my mind now. Nonetheless, it’s always a good thing to have friends who make me smile. 

Poor him (and M as well), though, to be the unfortunate friend who also happens to be my client.  Because it’s a different Jess when she’s overwhelmed at work and there isn’t much of that sweetness about her that her good friends usually see.  

We should just meet up more often off-work.  There will be more laughter, promise :)

Sailing off now!