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I am having quite a bit of backlogs in my folders of Makes & Bakes.  You can’t really fatten the world with tea jellies, but anyway.

We’ll get to the point.  Showcasing the ‘tea cabinet’.  I wonder why we have so much tea that we have to dedicate one cabinet to keep them.  Not all are mine, cross my heart and hope to die.  Mostly because most of my tea are kept in my office cabinet.  Yes, I have a food-only cabinet, and I just gave myself away.  But that’s another story for another day.  

I buy tea and sometimes I forget about them.  You know how it is: out of sight, out of mind.  I have my one of my favourite lapsang souchong in there somewhere.  It is strange, though, that I actually ran out of earl grey tea, just when I wanted to make earl grey macarons.  

Ah!  Here’s it.  Dug out my old photo.  Such coincidence that it fits into the theme colour.  Why did I buy lipton earl grey (out of so many available choices) for the macarons?  I wonder if it was an irrational behaviour subconsciously displayed during my desperate moments.

Moving forward, I bought this from Melbourne, and yes, I forgot about it.  Until I wanted to make earl grey jellies.

Something blue!  Lil would approve.  I didn’t add much sugar as I’m used to not adding sugar in my tea or coffee.  I added just a little, but it still wasn’t sweet enough for mum, heh.  Something cool and refreshing for a change.