Can you believe I have problems handling a tiny wad of currency that’s worth less than S$20?  

I can.

Close friends know I can’t number-crunch even if my life depended on it.  When I was in HK, Char was amazed at how I failed to do simple mathematics.  Haha!  I did finally manage to divide by 6 (“6 is an odd figure to divide with!” I had complained) with some difficulty.  

And now I have to divide by 6900.  

Please send help.  

There’s got to be a better way about this.  

Until I do find the better way, I’ll remain highly dependent on my mobile’s calculator and let my Indonesian staff wonder about my ability to manage them.  

Post-edited: I’d wanted to arrange the notes in ascending order. And I just realised I mis-saw 10,000 rupiah for 100,000. Fml.