Maybe money can’t buy love, but I do think that it can buy me happiness.  LOL!  Shopped for 2 days and I am on course to create a 3rd world debt for myself.  I didn’t exactly buy a hell lot of things–shopping is an attitude, buy only what you deserve. 

This is interesting and smells really good, though I believe the spelling should be Melegueta pepper (Malagueta pepper is from the capsicum family while the former is from the ginger family, I googled).  Other than using it for cooking, I might try adding it to chocolate truffles and we’ll see how it goes.  Not cheap for 60g of pepper! $25.60.  

Quince balsamic vinegar.  I love this one.  Tastes great if making a cold beverage out of it, and of course, for use in salads.  Exploring desserts options too. 

This called out to me.  Char gifted me the same style of a different print last year for my birthday, and I really love it *beams*  For once I managed to keep my receipts organised.  I’m using that solely for my holiday uses, and I will use this for rupiahs (sigh), ferry tix and petty cash receipts.  Mustn’t mix work and play.

New wallet finally!!  Fickle as I may be, I’m not too fond of changing wallets often for reasons that even I’m not too certain of.   It would not occur to me to change a new one as long as it can still, well, function as a wallet.   I bought my Renoma wallet when I was 16, lasted 8yrs before the lining gave way.  The Burberry wallet from my ex lasted from then till now.  The side seams were peeling off and it is now dirty as hell after years of handling.  

Now this!! Yippee!  It was ♥ at 1st sight, and so I married it within 15 minutes.  HAHA.   Love has its price to pay and I shall not dwell too much on it :p  The mauve colour should hold up well to my rough handling, I think. 

More frivolities.

For my moments of.  

Of which I have one too many.  Will use it on crap I receive, and will resist the urge to stamp it on some people.  
On second thoughts, maybe I won’t.  

Mum: Why you buy this?

Me: To use lah.

Mum: Why leh?

Me: You know what it means?

Mum: Err, Will To Fight?

Me: HAHAHA NO LAH! It means What the F***!!!

Mum: Huh?!  Why you buy this?!?!!?

LMAO!! Trust my mum to make something so optimistic out of a vulgarity. Too funny!

Lastly, a lil note for my mum who has just recovered from food poisoning and is feeling lethargic.  Love fancy papers and I tend to go overboard buying them.  When I say ‘overboard’, I really mean that the Anti-Deforestation groups sort of send me hate-mails on a weekly basis.  

Ok kidding.   

I love to spend, but for now I’m off to spend some time smoothing the dent in my bank account *beams*