My company has 3 units and although they are on the same floor, they are not adjacent units as we got them when we couldn’t cope with production some years back. That means I have to walk to and fro the long corridor every time I need to get something from the other 2 units or whenever I need to delegate jobs to my staff.

After years and years of grumbling about tanned skin and spending obscene percentages of my paycheck on whitening products and sunblocks, you’d think I’d be smarter and avoid the sun as though by reflex.  On the contrary, I always find myself involuntarily gravitating towards that narrow strip of sunlight.  Colour me unrepentant, but I work in an office with windows that…look out to nothing but the production floor. Yup.  In sooth?  I love the sun.

I’m guessing that I miss the sun and how it feels on my face and skin. Warms me up.  And I prolly see it now, how suicide rates are linked to lack of sunlight.  Sunlight makes people happy and it has that effect on me :)  I still don’t like my tan, but I won’t mind taking walks in the sun every now and then.  Let’s go catch some light with me, chase away the Monday Blues!