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Two ways, same difference. Picture-heavy post again because my finger went out of control on the shutter button.

The ubiquitous tarte aux fruits aka fruit tarts.   I made one with strawberries carefully sliced and arranged and into a delicious kaleidoscope, and made another with the same fruits–chopped the strawberries and haphazardly threw them on.

I can’t decide which version I like more as both bear my traits–hardworking and lazy, depending on when you catch me.  My personality veers from one end to another and sometimes, I’m in between, though very rarely.  I guess it’s not the easiest task trying to define me and that would also make me a very difficult person to live with. Or so I reckon.

Since I’m on the topic of extreme traits (or in my case, multiple personalites), I’ll have you know that I enjoy both crispy and soggy food; I attack warm, crispy pratas though I also love drowning them with curry before I top them off with some sugar. But tart crusts, I am extremely particular about them and I’ll have no two ways about it. I wish there were some divine being up there forbidding the existence of soggy tart crusts because the soggy ones drive me half-insane.

I have a habit of glazing tart crusts with chocolate, because it might be more practical to do a soggy-proof and let my family help themselves to the tarts whenever they want, than to have different components sitting in the fridge and then Assemble! Serve!  Tout de suite!   The latter choice isn’t a good idea because I don’t live in my kitchen 24/7 on the ready to serve desserts.

Oh of course, soggy-proofing is a convenient excuse to use chocolate (again) in my bakes and then render myself a very happy girl indeed. And of course, I could always use egg whites but why would I.  I would have to think of what to do with the rest of the egg AND as I am typing this, there is still one frosty yolk chilling in the fridge. Frosty, because the fridge is too cold.

There were originally two leftover yolks; I used one for a twin sunny side up this morning and had to dig it out from the bowl with a spoon (seriously, egg yolks frozen overnight?!) and it landed on the frying pan with a resounding thud.

I digressed.  And I ramble too much.  Tarts.

Either way of presentation is fine by me, as long as the crust is right.

You bought some rather expensive fruits, you scraped in some rather expensive vanilla beans, you slogged over the stove to make some very good pastry cream.

Thou shalt not ruin the show with a soggy fruit tart.

That should have been the first commandment.

Bon appétit!