I must be turning into some sort of a mental person.  As I was sketching out the words above, an inner voice was asking in a tiny whisper: How much do you love me?  

And then at the same time, the french film Combien tu m’aimes? came to my mind.  They have no relation to each other, except for the fact that both the film and macarons are french.  But that’s where the similarity ends.  I’ll admit though, that it’s an interesting choice of question to be asking.

Back to topic.  Magenta pink-in-your-face macarons.  Miam-miam.   As Char said, there was nothing wrong with this pink.  But I know myself: when I have a certain image in mind and it doesn’t turn out quite the same in reality, I’d try, try, try again until I get it as long as I know it is something within my reach.  I am mental and relentless that way.  

For that, I acquired a new bottle of wilton icing colour.  Not that I even know which colour to get to begin with.  As far as I’m concerned, I don’t trust colour charts.  I went with my intuition, and if it was my years of colour-proofing experience in the printing industry that helped me to bingo, thank you.  No actually, thank me.  I’m not a frequent user of food colouring and one wrong bottle bought might send me into an internal grumbling fit for a very long time.  

So why do I not trust colour charts?  

Well, the colour that I bought was Burgundy.  I guess that pretty much explains everything.

This time, I used rosewater and raspberry purée to flavour the buttercream, which seemed like the right thing to do since the raspberry purée will lend a pretty tint to the buttercream.  I like how they turned out, if a little sweet.  I might increase the raspberry purée next time for a more prominent flavour and balance.  

So there you go, macarons.  I love you, and I love you enough to keep making you the way I desire.