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There’s no need to crack my head if I’m going to make a cake for my mum.  Strawberry cake–the only cake she’d request for.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t play with the subtle flavours too add complexity.  There’s an entire vanilla bean and lemon zest in the cake, and kirsch in the whipped cream.  I’ll wait for reviews tomorrow.

It’s not an easy task being my mother’s child, and to be fair, it takes a lot to be my mother as well.  For one, I wasn’t an easy child to bring up; I was weak and fell sick all the time, got into heaps of trouble (by the way, if curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, the cat had better prep itself for a good beating afterwards), and above all, I was the only one who’d question her ‘laws’.  In her face.  Subtlety doesn’t quite make it to my list of strong points.  But then there are also some many precious things she did for me that I won’t forget.

Much as we drive each other insane every other day, there’s no denying that we love each other.  And I guess if I had been a horrible child, retribution is here.  For why does it have to be so sweltering hot when I’m making a fresh cream cake.   That wasn’t a question, by the way.  It was infernal hell descended on earth; trying to spread and pipe the whipped cream AND keep everything in shape.  Sigh.  At least I think it will still taste good.

Happy Mothers’ Day mummy,  it’s not just this day that should be special, but I do like the idea of having an additional excuse to do something nice for you.  I heart you lots!