I recall when I bought my first DSLR, someone (can’t remember who) asked if I had intention to take up photography.  ‘Umm’, I thought.  No, not really.  I just wanted to take prettier pictures.  With the camera in hand, I thought I was good to go, until I realised I wasn’t all that good afterall.  

Having possessing neither the  a) Skills and b) Knowledge of photography, the pictures I took were far from pretty, and believe you me, the ‘prettier pictures’ that I wanted were not a lot prettier than those that I took with my old point-and-shoot panasonic. 

I would liken photography to swimming.  Practice, practice, and practice.  Unless there’s somebody who’s able to convince me that it is possible to swim like a pro just by reading up on “Swimming 101″…  

Some 7000-odd pictures later with the bulky equipment, yes, I think I can take ‘prettier pictures’ now, though of course they are still a far cry from professional standards and it’s not in my near-future-plans to be a professional either.  

Yes, I take a hell lot of pictures of my makes & bakes; the number of photos I take for one angle borders on ridiculous and I attribute it to my [lack of] skills. 

And if there’s anything that I learned in photography, it is not just about capturing ‘prettier pictures’.  Sometimes, it’s ‘moments’–things that don’t pause nor wait.  It’s not unlike an attempt to freeze time into a little frame, with one click of a button.

There are moments when I simply don’t have the luxury of  time, or equipment, for me to take multiple shots.  Since I spend a large percentage of my time on the road when I sail to Batam/Bintan, I take most of the pictures from inside a moving vehicle, using my mobile camera.

Singapore has beautiful skylines, but I wonder if anyone ever realised that Indonesia has wide, beautiful skies?  I wonder, too, that if I didn’t say it, would anyone have thought or believed that the photos in this post were all in fact, taken in Indonesia.  They are not of the best quality, but definitely the best moments I captured when I was there.