10.30pm and still in office on a Friday night.  I need to buy myself a new life, which I think might be possible; seeing the sudden ‘increase’ in my bank account figures from the lack of time to spend my paycheck.  The Good: I feel slightly richer.  The Bad: No time to spend.  If you discount online shopping, that is.

Well it is not my style to do a self-pity.  Life is too short for that even if you have to deal with shit in your way.  And  I.will.get.through.this.  Like I always do, anyway.

Speaking of which.  I always thought it was basic courtesy to start an email with a “Dear” or at least a “Hi” for anyone you are addressing, client or supplier alike.  Well this person I had to deal with simply omitted the entire greeting part.  How rude.  Let’s also not go into other details about how obnoxious and rude she was to me as well to her own colleagues irl.  Tsk.

I bitched to G over msn and he replied:

Dear ______,
Please note that the “dear” before your name is not a term of endearment, because there is nothing endearing about you.  However, as most other endearing people know, it’s just a polite thing to say.

LOL!  Too funny! I thriiiiive on evil thoughts and self-entertainment is healthy.  I suggested we kill each other’s clients to make this world a better place.  Approved.

R said he would fly over and screw them over if I wanted him to.  It is, truly, an appealing idea, because the thought of seeing her face punched in makes me rather happy indeed.  And mostly, the bigger appeal lies in seeing R again :p

There are frustrations in life but look, I’ve got wonderful people around and on the ready to stand up for me :)  Even I have to get through this work junk on my own, having people to share evil thoughts with is pleasure big enough.  Wait till I bitch with my girlies, I’m sure there will be another round of laughter as we paint more hilarious get-back scenarios.