Dear Mi,

They say love shouldn’t be calculative, I agree.  Once you start being calculative, love is no longer true.  For a lack of better phrase, I’m gonna say: how true.

Days ago, though, I found myself calculating love after reading your blog, it mentioned me (I assume):

What can I do for her in exchange? How can I possibly share her love with her dear mum. I am regarded the same MiMa to her as to you. I just don’t deserve this though I am thankful and full of gratitude.

Ah, for once I don’t agree with you, which is a good thing because mother and child fight all the time, right? :) Maybe having 2 mummies might also mean twice the horror of naggings, but along with that, I was privileged to receive twice as much love as compared to other kids out there.

There are times I’d wanted to yell, “Haze, don’t worry, your family is my family!” but I’ve honestly not done a lot to live up to that statement.  So I guess I’ll have to change it to, “Haze, you were like my lil sis, I’ll love whoever you love!”  Maybe with the exception of Jay Chou.  Yea, even sisters argue and criticise over idol preferences.  Of course I’ll remember our banter over the celebs we idolise :)

I can’t remember when exactly had I started to address you, from “Aunt Jean” to “Mi”–the way Haze used to greet you.  I can’t live Haze’s life for her and it will never be possible.  But I ponder about the things she did when she was around, and carry out tasks on her behalf, as what a sister should do.

Number-crunching is hard, but calculating love is easy for me.  In my case, love is not shared nor divided.  Because:
1 more sister, love adds up.  Mummy x 2, love multiplies. 


Sister’s Messenger.