Kitchen’s been missing me for more than 2 weeks.   I was frustrated, both at work and at the fact that I had to give up me-time to work.  The last straw came last night when I tried to sleep but couldn’t.  I had to have my personal time.  It was a toss between photo-taking at the Botanic Gardens or baking, both of which are solitary activites that I enjoy very much.   I decided to go with baking, since I would be able to take pictures of my bakes as well.  

I’d wanted to make these totoro cream puffs when I saw them on the internet long ago.  Laziness took over my determination and it was hence KIV-ed for many opportunities.

Since I’m on an official baking therapy today,  I decided to prolong the pleasure with recipes that require:

1) patience  
2) long baking/waiting time
3) milk–inconsequential to my therapy, but I didn’t want to watch the good carton inching its way to expiry. 

On a side note, it must have been the frustrations, I don’t know, but today I finally had success with cracking eggs single-handedly. Um, literally speaking.  4 in a row, no less. 

Well I must be the most shallow person to grace the earth, because my inability (to crack eggs with one hand) bothered me to no end in the past.  I used to end up with crushed bits of eggshells in my hand and in the egg, making me look like one of those utterly helpless people in the kitchen.  Embarrasing.    

I said the frustrations helped in the egg-cracking episode because I had not-so-gently whacked the eggs against the sink, and then, it just happened.  Split second, spur of the moment.   I guess that’s the silver that lined all those stress clouds.  Lesson learnt: Do not be too gentle with eggs.  Do not smash them, either.

I digressed, again.  Totoro cream puffs. 

Say hi to these lovelies, I used the regular choux pastry and jazzed them up.  Pretty food takes effort but then you know I’ll do it anyway.