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So we’re on to Part II of the Therapy.  Read Part I here.

4 yolks, 2 ramekins, 1 tahitian vanilla pod.  I will do a good job since I’m going to do it anyway, no half-assing.  Bought these shallow ramekins for a while now; they are shallow, comme moi (ha!), perfect for crème brûlée.

Crème brûlée is easy to prepare, if time-consuming.  I’ll gladly play the waiting game only if I know what to expect.  Just the thing I need for my therapy anyway.

Patience, check.
Long waiting time, check.
Milk, check.

Oooh, triple combo earns me a bonus! *claps*

I get to play with my long-neglected torch.

Behold, the torch of my liberty.

And there we have it.  Crème Brûlée à la Vanille.  Warm, crackly caramelised sugar and cold custardy goodness beneath.

I feel better already, although by right, I should really be feeling the onset of Monday Blues.  But how could I be blue, when it’s all scorching sunshine right here in my kitchen and on my screen.