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Macarons revisited, with love.  Made this many weeks ago and erm, I actually forgot to post them.  How could I, and how typical of me.

By the way, Lloyd loved the cheesecake!  He was beaming all the way when he ate it and said the texture was very close to the 300bucks version. And mine was the best he had in SG by far.  Woooo!  You know that action of pressing both your palms to your chest and sighing in contentment?  It makes me want to do that.  I can’t get over the 300bucks.  My lord.  I can replicate 125 mini trays of the cheesecake with that amount.

I love watching my friends’ expressions when they chomp down my bakes, it makes everything worthwhile.  I love their smiles and how they nod to themselves in approval.  Or when they pair their praises with expletives.

Heh.  And I thought I couldn’t bake.

I also wonder why I am talking cheesecake on a macaron post.  So anyway, here’s to love and macarons, with chocolate ganache filling, because chocolate is love.

Should I make macarons for French Tuesday?  We’re like, holding our own party in class.  It will be fun.