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So my previous take on the chocolate cake wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.  Cherries have arrived and I am still without the perfect chocolate sponge.  Panic ensued and here is take 2, because the Black Forest Cake must happen, and also because I am inclined to torture myself with recipes that require me to half or one-third the amount.  Evidence below.

It was decreed Jessica must tackle numbers before she bakes.  This has inevitably become a sufferable routine everytime I try a new recipe.  It proved to be worthwhile, because if anything, the most critical tasters at home (read: mum & sis) gave it the thumbs-up.  So.  I think I have found The One, and I will be getting my BFC after all :)

I didn’t have many plans for the chocolate sponge except that it must pass the taste-test.  Since it was also a trial recipe and I didn’t bake a huge cake, I was tempted to leave it well alone as it was.   But it was still early, barely noon.  Hell, I’ll frost the damned cake.  Well, frost it somewhat.  So out came the satanic cake rings and pastry blender.

And some coconut rum.  Then we’ll dress up the wicked with some cute.

Here’s my version of another Ghibli character.  Soot spirits rum balls lalala.  Okay, they don’t really look the part, but still kawaii, no?

Ironically, making rum balls is the redemption ticket to failed chocolate cakes.  Mash and compress, give them a good coating of cocoa powder or roll them in chocolate rice, and all is good again.   I should also let you know that I am secretly in love with the old school bakery rumless-rum-balls, nevermind that they are made from cake scraps, I am all for food-waste reduction.

I also pureed some blueberries and whipped up some cream.

"Hi Jess, you called?"

And summoned the Mousse Owl Entremet.

I didn’t come up with this ingenious design for sure; they are readily available on google though it might be more common to see them on cupcakes.  Beneath the owl and atop the chocolate sponge, I had so innocently spiked the blueberry mousse with blueberry liqueur & grappa.

Oooh, what big eyes you have.

I have also come to realise that maybe cake rings aren’t as diabolical as I thought them to be.  But of course, it is still too soon to conclude–I am a Murphy’s girl, after all.   Always on the ready to make its point and aggravate me, the moment I finished this post and clicked publish, the damned thing disappeared.  So yes, this is BFC Take 2 and also the 2nd time I am typing out this post.

I also made tiramisu for French Tuesday and it is now chilling in this fridge.  With what limited time I have these days, I am really starting to appreciate make-ahead recipes.