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It is French Tuesday tomorrow and I will be bringing Tiramisu to class.  YJ’s bringing coffee, Syarah’s bringing strawberries, Lloyd’s bringing utensils and some alcoholic beverage, I think.

Somewhat like me, Haze loved alcohol in her food.  She loved Baileys and had people buy them for her from the airport.  One year, she got excited and bought Baileys mooncakes, and later questioned her own sanity.  If only she knew how much I paid for one rose macaron even though I know how to make them…

I remember eating one of her bakes–japanese cheesecake.  We discussed if a ‘single-dose’ or a ‘double-dose’ of cheese was better.  Somewhat like me, she’d try recipes over and tweaked them until it was perfect for her. 


Maybe because it is June, I don’t know.  As I assembled the Tiramisu, for one moment I thought Haze might be excited over it and its alcohol content.  I wished she could try it, and wished she was here.  For another moment I thought it would be  nice if we could meet up and exchange bakes.

I wish she could stay.  But I try not to think too much. 

I’m missing of you.  Still.  It was raining when you left that day.