Some days I don’t feel like a girl.  This was what I told Mr Anonymous when I was going through a mad day.  I am back to drinking coffee, but the 9am ones remain unfinished at 11.30am.

Some days I’m required to lift heavy loads, and occasionally, I am also required to be omnipresent–teleportation is passé, by the way.

And then Mr Anonymous was so sweet; he went and got me some roses  :)))  To brighten my day and to remind me that I am a girl.  He’s shy about it and wants to remain anonymous here because the presentation was…too raw.  LOL.  Well flowers are flowers, I’m not complaining at all.  Thank you!

I also finally had time to make an appt for a haircut and perm.  I am camwhore-dicapped, still.   I can’t take decent hair shots with the phone, so I decided to just screw it and let the main focus be everything else that is attached to the hair instead.  Perfectly flawed with late-nights evidence.  XOXO