I’m turning 30 in about a month! Regardless, I am still [one of] the youngest among my friends and it is necessary that they dote on me all the same :p 

I can remember my 1st birthday party, as in, my one-year-old party.   I don’t remember everything, of course–only the part where my dad carried me and looked out to the corridor; we were waiting for the guests to arrive.  

On my 4th birthday, my mum tied my hair and put me in a pretty dress.  My uncle ripped open my present before I could have a proper look at it, and I cried because I had wanted to save the wrapper, lol.  The present was a transformable space warrior, something like that.  I loved it, but I still don’t know why my parents got me that.  I am supposed to be demure, you know. My elder sis also drew me a card of some ducks swimming in a pond.  I love receiving cards, esp the hand-made ones.  I forgave my uncle, by the way.

During MDIS days, my friends surprised me with a cake at Burger King, and they surprised me again another year at Holland Village Coffee Club—they secretly ordered ice cream & brownies when I went to the washroom, I think.  Considering that we never specially meet up to celebrate one another’s birthdays, I must be one hell of a lucky girl to have them do all these for me.  Did I mention they dote on me the most? Ahahaha.

I don’t know how, or why I remember all these, among many other things.  I just do.  I know, I amaze myself constantly, too. 

I am also the same girl who flunked history.

Being 30 is not as bad as what most people perceive, I kind of like myself more at 30 than when I was 20.  30 is a good age to make more mistakes because you don’t want to wait until you’re 50 to do it.  It also helps if most of your friends are still older than you.  Age is just a number, as long as I don’t look it.

My birthday falls on class day :)  French Wednesday sounds good now.  Perhaps, I will wear a dress—a skirt at least, and take half the day off and buy something pretty for myself.  I should also eat as many cups of ice cream as my stomach would allow.  I’d wish for some light sprinkles on my birthday; ice cream is magical especially when I walk down those pavements that have been rained on.  And of course, I’d grab myself some very good chocolates too, and dip them in my ice cream–is that weird?  I have dipped nuggets and fries and popcorns and potato chips in my ice cream…weird is probably a talent.  I will also buy some flowers, bien sûr.   Right now I’m thinking purple and white roses.  But I might change my mind as the date draws near.

I guess that’s all, reasonable and achievable things.  And…we’ll see how it goes.  I’m an August Girl, but this year it seems July is a month of social life and celebrations.  I am really looking forward! *Hugs myself* :)