It’s pretty amazing how something as trivial as making my own mayonnaise can send me into bursts of excitement, even if I seem calm on the outside.  Or at least I think I seem calm on the outside.

I failed the damned thing on my 1st try.  Perhaps, it was because I forgot to consult the almanac and the dog star was partially covered by the clouds.  

Perhaps, it was also because I didn’t bother to measure the amount of oil to use.  

Oh well.  Day 2 take 2: quite the success!  The mayonnaise emulsified and thickened up substantially, even though I STILL didn’t measure the amount of oil.  I’m going to make another batch soon because the EVOO that I used was too nutty for my liking.  Once I succeed in perfecting the mayonnaise of my world, I will bid kewpie mayo farewell!