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Salad for a Meatless Monday. Come to think of it, it does make sense to have a Meatless Monday, since most of us indulge over the weekend.  At least I do.  Mum bought a butternut squash the other day and wanted to make soup out of it.  Days passed and still no soup. Not that I’m complaining; I totally understand why. 4 persons in the family but we she we she okay we stock the fridge enough for 40 villages.

Someone’s gotta clear the fridge :D  I diced a quarter of the squash, which was the perfect thing for a MM meal.

Speaking of which. I just have a little bit of this OCD problem when it comes to dicing food.  Forming them in cubes annoys me on a tremendous level; irritating me to no end to see those odd-sized bits of cut-outs from the edges and corners.

When I dice, I want them to be of the same size, as much as possible.

And still not 100% satisfied.

It’s not so bad with the squash but when you’re talking about those seriously irregularly-sized food (HELLO CARROTS!! WHY ARE YOU SHAPED SO?!)

I could go on about my personal grief when it comes to dicing, but I shall stop. Now, one word of advice: If you have an OCD partner or person living with you, Do. Not. Offer. Any. Help.  Or do so at your own risk.  I think it does make a lot of sense for an OCD person (read: me) to work alone in the kitchen.  They are happy to work alone, so leave them be.  Other than that, please do believe that they are truly very nice people.

I think I should really get this chopping board for myself. PURE GENIUS.

I got distracted, sorry.  

Meatless Monday salad, nothing fancy, visually happy.  In general, I like my salads colourful, without dressing.  If I must, I like them on the side.

I steamed the squash and broccoli and kept beet and capsicum raw.  Quinoa was prepared the night before–partially boiled and then steamed till fluffy.   Herbed, peppered, lightly salted.

Feel free to pile on the ingredients for a heartier meal, this happens to be gluten-free as well.  Here’s a visual ingredient list, enjoy!