Some time back I had a craving for Baked Salmon & Blood Oranges, and days after days I found myself in town, progressively aggravated from supermarket-hopping in search of the seasonal fruit.  Seriously, my food cravings need to stop being so precise because it is going to drive me nuts some day. 

I finally found the blood oranges in the most unlikely supermarket–The Cold Storage at Harbourfront, which was supposedly one that was not as well stocked as the ones we have in town. 

It also happened to be the supermarket nearest to where I stay. 

What can I say?  BREATHE…hard.  And stay focused on the positive aspects of life because the point was I FOUND THE BLOOD ORANGES

I didn’t stop there, of course, given my current obsession with citrus fruits, I bought other varieties to collect more citrus lights.   Yes.  My name’s Jessica, and at the moment I am also known as the Citrus Collector.

We are family.

And then, I saw this from iowagirleats.com


Too cool, too inspiring, it was an obsession I found hard to ignore.  I had to gather my citrus family for some serious dicing.

And many (painful) moments later…


Dear Children of the world, do not try this at home.
It was, truly, a tremendous PITA to cubify the citruses.  Especially when you don’t exactly possess an ultra-sharp knife or the OCD Chef Cutting Board.  Or when you do not have in your possession, citrus fruits that happen to come in cuboids. 

And I’m not gonna lie here; in order to form the prettiness above, we’ve got to deal with…


Citrus carcasses

A.k.a The Beautiful Truth.

Oh,  all the things I do for the sake of prettiness.  Despite the self-inflicted pain I’d put myself through, I’ve got to admit…that the end results had strangely pushed my food-cubing obsession to a whole new (perverse) level of self-satisfaction.

Though I’m glad to report that nothing was wasted at the end of the day, the entire family had gone through lots of citrus scraps and I believe we’re kind of OD-ed.  I am thankful for my family who’s got no choice but to love me, and my friends who’ve got choices but chose to love me anyway.  Because it will be a matter of time before I do something idiotic like that again. 

Thank you,  you know I love you too.