I know how I puzzle people when I say I don’t hate anyone.  “Surely there must be somebody that you can think of?  Friends who betrayed?  People who let you down?”

Why yes, of course, there were people who gave me difficult times in life if you really want me to sit down and recall.  But I don’t hate them–it’s that simple.  I just never found it in me to be able to hate anyone, especially not people I love.  Or loved.  

Maybe because I rationalised that hating people zaps up energy, and I don’t spend my energy into doing something so…meaningless.  

I also realise there are far worse things to feel than “hate”, and one of them, I’m thinking now, would be “disappointment”.

I guess Girl Friday would be back in business pretty soon.  Perhaps, life is more fulfilling for her to spend time taking care of everyone, instead of just one. 

Not feeling my best right now, obviously.  I will soon be okay, because in my mind, I’m nothing if not awesome :)  Back soon!